Adware Spyware and Virus Threats – Must Know Facts For PC Protection

April 28th, 2014

Anyone who uses a computer whether it be for professional use or personal use knows that there is a real threat from spyware, adware and computer viruses. All three are similar in that all of them are complete nuisances for users. Yet, they are different but how?

Spyware Rundown

Did you know that spyware is not designed to intentionally harm a computer? However, what it does is open pathways for someone besides the owner of the computer to communicate with it. Typically spyware will record the types of web sites the owner visits which then get sent to web advertisers which allows them to give you unwanted e-mails and annoying pop-ups.

No wonder spyware is looked upon as such a bad thing, ranked to the top with viruses and Trojan horses. It is actually more intrusive than adware is. Adware does not have the capabilities to like spyware to have their own executable programs that monitor and record keystrokes. It will also scan hard drives and look at the computer’s applications that a user would normally use. These include chat programs, cookies and the web browser’s settings.

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Use the Best Spyware Protection to Remove Spyware and Viruses

April 27th, 2014

There is no doubt that we all are dependent on computers and the internet like never before. And that also means that our computers, that include so much of our sensitive data, are exposed to all sorts of malware attacks.

Using the best virus & spyware protection programs is becoming more and more important. These not only get rid of the existing malware on your computer, they also continue to monitor your computer on a real-time basis always looking to block the next harmful thing from entering inside your computer.

The problem is that many don’t want to pay to get these spyware removal software programs and are always looking for a free version that will do the job. The problem with that approach is that there are so many seemingly useful software programs that are actually spyware and get inside your computer without your knowledge.

One such spyware out there that takes advantage of the fact that the user is looking for a free solution is the spyware protection virus, which sneakily gets in your computer. Even though it projects itself as a useful tool, it is actually not what it claims to be. In fact it is a spyware that disguises itself as spyware removal software, which is supposed to be helpful. It takes advantage of the fact that people are constantly looking for solution on the internet so it projects itself as something useful, but once it is on your computer it starts playing havoc.

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Differences Between Adware – Spyware And Viruses

April 22nd, 2014

Adware, spyware and computer viruses share some similarities, one of which is that all three are major nuisances for computer users. Let’s differentiate the three.

Spyware is software that does not intentionally harm your computer.

Spyware has been designed to track and record the types of websites you visit, and what you do on those sites. The goal of this type of software is to monitor your web activities and learn your likes and dislikes so that advertisers can send you unwanted e-mails, and pop-ups.

How can you tell that there is potential spyware in software? Quite easily. Have you ever downloaded software that during the install process asks for your OK to load a BHO (or browser help object) or wants to change what your start page will be, or your default search engine? This is potential spyware. The company offering the software for free is doing so, because they want you to say “OK” to having a 3rd parties software also installed on your PC. If you download something like this — no matter how tempting the free software is, ABORT the installation!

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